Quantum dot technology

In product development it is important to make the active ingredients available to the body. This is often insufficiently possible by classical methods such as extraction or distillation. For these reasons, we use quantum dot technology. 

Quantum dot technology is a unique biophysical process to enhance the effects of natural ingredients. The latest quantum physical principles are combined with traditional phytotherapeutic approaches. The decisive factor is the quantum dot, consisting of a crystal (dodecahedron) and a semiconductor. Many naturally ocurring substances have a semiconductor character and are therefore suitable for quantum dot production. These semiconductors are bound to a suitable nano-crystal such as silicon dioxide to form a quantum dot. 

In the form of the quantum dot, the control materials act from the distance via electromagnetic waves. Thus, an exclusively physical mode of action results, which can be achieved with even small amounts of substance. The positive effects of cannabidiol (CBD) can be enhanced by the physical principle of action, while the same or even a smaller amount of CBD is used in the form of the quantum dot. 

We have combined knowledge of the power of nature with the latest technology to offer highly efficient medical devices.

Clean room

Our buildings are expanded through the large clean room capacities. Here we can see the clean room classes D + C in different boundaries.

We can fall back on laboratory capacities in different categories. This ranges from simple analytical laboratories up to S2 Level (German standard).

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