Company Information

MEDsan GmbH is an independent company of the sanPharma GmbH and that concentrates on the development, manufacture and marketing of innovative and highly efficient medical products.

Our international workforce of over 280 employees and their background in more than 10 nations consists of highly motivated scientists, project managers, sales staff and managers.

We benefit from over 44 years of experience in our group of companies, especially in immunobiological and isopathic medicinal products, medical devices and food supplements. Our preparations and products combine many years of experience with the latest scientific knowledge.

Our vision, mission and values

The independence in all the years of experience of our group guarantees our customers and partners the best possible and quick solutions in order to be able to respond to changed regulations, market requirements and situations.

Our vision is to be a leader in effective and innovative medical products, especially in detection, hygiene and treatment solutions.

Our values are:

  • Operating to the highest standards of scientific decision-making and quality.
  • Behavior with integrity, impartiality and transparency control our actions.  
  • Acting always in the best interests of patients and consumers 
  • Promoting research, innovation, constant learning and openness to change.
  • We treat all interest groups with dignity and respect at all times. 

The essentials in brief

  • sanPharma GmbH – founded in 1978 by Gerhard Schröder, in 2014 by Dr. Thomas Wüstefeld, PhD, taken over
  • Continuous expansion of the product portfolio in our group of companies
  • Isopathic and immunobiological drugs
  • High bioavailable food supplements
  • Supportive medical cosmetics
  • State-of-the-art medical devices and technologies
  • Continually growing group of companies with over 280 employees
  • Worldwide sales in over 42 countries
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